Ideas for Educators

1. Digital Literacy Framework: Community Engagement

Consult USE, UNDERSTAND & CREATE, the MediaSmarts Digital Literacy Framework – one of the seven aspects of digital literacy skills is community engagement. Lessons focusing on this aspect are perfect for this year’s theme of Inclusion in a Connected World: A Place and a Voice for Everyone!

2. Get to know the key concepts for media literacy

To help students develop their media literacy skills, visit Media Literacy 101 section of MediaSmarts to access videos and lessons (ideal for grades 4 to 8) on each of the key concepts for media literacy.

3. Try a lesson in class

We’ve got a selection of lessons that are great for learning more about authenticating information:

4. Play media literacy games

MediaSmarts has 13 different online games designed for students of various ages that are both fun and full of useful lessons. Try introducing you students to one of these games to make learning more fun!

5. Connect with us

You can contact us to ask for more ideas or ways to involve your class in Media Literacy Week.

You can also organize your own Media Literacy Week event right from your classroom. Start planning your Media Literacy Week event today – and don’t forget to let us know what you have planned so we can help spread the word!