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Use, Understand & Create

Digital Literacy Framework
Use, Understand & Create is a road map for teaching digital literacy skills in Canadian schools, drawing on seven key aspects with supporting lessons and resources, linked to curriculum outcomes for every province and territory.

Featured Program

Reality Check!
To help Canadians develop the search, authentication and critical thinking skills that are needed in the digital age, MediaSmarts and Facebook Canada will be developing a series of videos, tip sheets and activities that will give Canadians of all ages the tools they need to verify different kinds of online information and to help them understand why it’s important to double-check before they share information online.

Featured Lesson Plan

Taming the Wild Wiki
Students are introduced to Wikipedia, the user-edited online encyclopedia, and given an overview of its strengths and weaknesses as a research source. They are taught how to evaluate the reliability of a Wikipedia article and then attempt to improve an existing article.

Media Literacy Fundamentals

Media Literacy 101

Take a minute to learn about the key concepts of media literacy and how they’re a useful tool for examining mass media and popular culture.

Media Education: Make it Happen

The Media Education: Make It Happen! program is a series of free resources to help educators understand and facilitate media literacy in their classrooms. The program consists of a booklet, PowerPoint workshop, and a facilitator’s guide with handouts.

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Ideas for Educators

Want to get  involved? We’ve put together a list of activities and resources to help you celebrate the week with your class!

Ideas for Families

Want to celebrate Media Literacy Week but don’t know how? We’ve put together a list of ideas for activities and resources to help you celebrate the week at home.